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M&A specialists

Prolinks specialises in mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Drawing on our expertise and commitment to excellence, our aim is to facilitate the growth and development of businesses by identifying M&A opportunities tailored to their specific needs. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to understand their objectives, values and vision, and then implement tailored strategies to achieve successful transactions. We believe that M&A success lies in the ability to add value while minimising potential risks.

Whether you are a business looking for growth opportunities or an investor seeking returns, we are here to support you every step of the way. Prolinks can help you realise your ambitions and bring your projects to fruition successfully!

Our values

A partner of Experience, Innovation and Confidence

We capitalise on these three values, which we believe are essential in supporting business leaders in their M&A, transfer and succession projects.

  • Experience: Knowledge of our clients’ businesses, the ecosystem in which they operate and the business transfer process
  • Innovation: The entrepreneurial spirit that each of our consultants has developed over the course of his or her career, enabling us to advise our clients on value creation and business transformation.
  • Confidence: an essential quality in supporting our clients in their strategic development, right through to successful succession.

We offer a range of advice on strategic support and on managing the process of handing over your business.

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Prolinks is a member of the
Swiss M&A Expert Chamber

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Who are our customers ?

You are the owner or majority shareholder of your company. You want to prepare for your succession and understand the key stages required to maximise the chances of success.

You would like the support of a professional in your field, with a wide network of investors and buyers and extensive experience of business transfer processes.

We are specialists in


Company mergers and acquisitions


New business models and business development

Strategic advice

Review of corporate strategy

Other mandates

Appraisals, valuations, asset sales

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Some references

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Acquisition of Cisel Informatique by the Manixer investment company
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Acquisition of AiM Services

by Sword Group

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Elvaston investment fund
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Acquisition of eb-Qual by
Swiss Expert Group
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